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PHRAME is an Electronic Pop duo from Amsterdam with a strong sense for songwriting, edgy beats and alternative pop production. The interaction between these two musicians on stage is packed with their multi task performance and inventive live setup.

Victor Dirks is mostly known for his drumming with many great bands/artists like Kitchenette, Cirque Valentin, Midas, Focus and many more, while Jaimie plays (or played) the bass for Sue The Night, Jasper Erkens, Cirque Valentin, Leona Phillippo, Mala Vita and synths for Voicst.

Now, this creative duo is moving front and center to infuse catchy ­vocals with analogue live synths and a hint of 80’s nostalgia, drawing influences from Pharrell Williams, Jamie Woon, Twenty One Pilots and Daft Punk.

Victor Dirks – lead vocals, drums and synths
Jaimie van Hek – backing vocals, bass pedals, samples and synths

“An electro-pop catchy formula, a little minimalist in its arrangements with a retro sound that reminds of the early 90’s for its synthetic percussion and keyboard use, which seems straight out of the 80’s. A subtly funkish inclination and a very convincing interpretation caught the attention of his listeners. A recipe that should appeal to lovers of nicely tied synthpop!”
~Pascal DesLauriers, Boulimique de Musique

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